certified International Mobility Officer

Each country has a system of legal and administrative compliance requirements of its own.
This challenges the Operational Mobility Manager to deal with the requirements of both home and host country in an international context. It's a hazardous job because of the complexity and the risks of incompliancy and assignment failure which lead to high costs and damages, not only in money. Also emotional, corporate image and personal reputation damage are at stake. And although there will be providers around to take over some or even all tasks, this doesn´t waiver the employer´s ultimate responsibility and liability for damage.

We've learnt from the past that what the Operational Mobility Manager needs to bring an international assignment to a good ending is a network of peers and skills to find reliable information/ service providers
and manage them efficiently, but above all, knowledge of how national systems relate to each other in an international context. Knowledge is the key to being in control !
First step to obtain this knowledge is
full understanding of one system and how this system works in an international environment. This is the necessary stepping stone to read other systems and detect hazards timely.

The Expatise Academy provides this first step towards being an all-round Mobility Professional in an intensive training course International Mobility Compliance. This course is aimed at professionals responsible for cross-border mobility with a special focus on Dutch international legal and administrative compliance regulations and offers furthermore access to a
network of peers, reliable information sources, reliable service providers.


The curriculum consists of seven modules including the following subjects: international HRM, labour law, immigration law, taxation, social security, employee benefits and payrolling. The course takes place over eight full day sessions (09:30 - 17:00) each with an e-learning introduction. Participants who complete all the modules will then take part in the final graduation project: an all-encompassing final assessment.


To develop knowledge of Dutch law and international labour and mobility conflict regulations, to use solution-focused applications, to build up practical expertise and skills in the independent use and management of standard processes.


Participants who complete the course successfully will be qualified as an ECInternational Mobility Officer. This qualification allows membership of the Expatise Alumni Association for Qualified Professionals in the field of international labour mobility.


In-house HR/ P&O staff, salary administrators, service providers and civil servants who are operational involved with administering international placements, to and from the Netherlands.


A team of 26 (!) acclaimed experts (all senior consultants) designated by consultancy firms and government organisations. Click here for more information.


Depending on the language skills of the participants the primary language will be English and/or Dutch.


The courses will be held in the Schiphol-area.


for the full course, which consists of seven teaching days, four e-learning sessions, a closing simulation game, certification & EC registration, membership of the Expatise Alumni Network and study materials:

o Expatise member ----------------------------------------------------------
€ 2,250.00
o Expatise Faculty Member client  ---------------------------------------€ 2,250.00     


A surcharge of 20% will be imposed on
registrations received after 1 March 2014.


A discount of 10% will be deducted for
the second attendee from a single
o Expat Center Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague relation -----
€ 2,250.00 
o WFIA/ NFIA/ ICP relation ------------------------------------------------
€ 2,250.00 
o Expatise Preferred Supplier Network client -------------------------
€ 2,250.00 
o Other --------------------------------------------------------------------------
€ 2,950.00
 Please note that all fees are quoted in EURO and do not include BTW

What did your peers say:

"Very good course for as well starting as more experienced global mobility professionals."

"A very hands-on, relevant programme that teaches you to ask the right questions at the right time when dealing with global mobility."

"It's great to keep on being challenged on all my knowledgde and be able to add the knowledge to the gaps I see."