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The 2013 Year Report

The year during which the solid foundation was laid for the purpose that we have in mind: international recognition of the complexity of the International Mobility (IM) field and the importance of the IM function for the success of the programme.

The year 2013 was marked by the implementation of the various components of the training International Mobility (IM) that we have developed in close collaboration with our stakeholders (international employers, consultants and government) during the period 2010-2012. 
Phase 1. HBO Minor training
The first stage in the IM training programme, the HBO Graduate minor degree Global Labour Mobility at Rotterdam University, was completed in February 2013 and proved to be a success. A large number of future IM staff members passed this course and an even larger number started the new round in September. In 2014 we see this number further increase, so will the number of programmes at other universities. As a consequence, more and more companies and organizations offer us internships for these students.

Phase 2. Vocational IMC
In January 2013, the post-graduate Professional Training International Mobility & Compliance (IMC) was launched, followed by the corresponding continuous educational programme. This vocational training acts as the second phase of the training programme and looks at the operational IM function.
Looking back, we can confirm that the training IMC was also a success. The first course that was completed in March is well assessed (scored an 8 out of 10). The second course obtained yet better evaluations (scored an 8.4). This, not least because we, in response to feedback from the first group of students, attuned the training even further to the practice.
The preparatory e -learning modules and Expat Game at the end were much appreciated, as well as the collaboration with service providers and government agencies.

Continuing education program
It is satisfying to note that the participants certified in March held their certification 'live' by participating in the PE Programme, a programme of practical courses and e-learning adapted to current developments in regulations and policies or issues that the participants determined themselves. New and old students met in a learning environment and provided a platform for exchange of experiences with one another and with us, just as we had in mind. Meanwhile, a number of alumni registered for a steering committee that will give further direction to the content and structure of the PE programme.

Phase 3. Master Classes
The third stage in this process, an in-depth study on specific topics in the form of two-day master classes for IM HR Advisors, was expanded in 2013 based on the findings of the Master Class Brazil in 2012.
The evaluations of the participants were incorporated into the design of the course and their suggestions were included in the list of topics for future master classes, such as the Master Class Far East (all aspects of employment of local and foreign staff in the Far East region). This course was scheduled in the agenda for November/December 2013, but unfortunately had to be postponed due to the unexpected closure of our training facility (more about that below).

Country portals / e-learning modules / Manuals
In addition to the (further) development of the programmes, we have been busy with the corresponding instruments:
  • Online manual for the IM practice;
  • First-line helpdesk;
  • HR-only communities in which HR professionals can share experiences with one another;
  • Expert communities in which consultants can offer HR professionals information on specific topics;
  • Expatise‚Äôs Preferred Supplier Network: an overview of selected service providers who are granted the Expatise label (seal of approval) because they meet our requirements in terms of knowledge, skills, continuity and service.

Plans for 2014
As soon we have secured our new training facility (expected in February 2014), we will continue with the IMC vocational training and continuing education programmes. In addition, the following are featured in the programme:

Phase 4 . The Master Course International Compensation & Benefits
A new addition in 2014, the International Master Course Compensation & Benefits for C&B managers and specialists. An extensive training for professionals for a duration of 18 months. This course is also part of the training and is under the supervision of a Dream Team consisting of C&B Heads of leading multinationals who share their knowledge and wishes with Expatise. We are currently applying the final touches to the curriculum and the corresponding manual.

The 2014 Conference & Exhibition on Employing staff in the Far East
As an introduction to the Master Class Far East (later this year) we will organize a conference on the employment of local and foreign staff in the Far East with presentations, walk-in consulting-hours, workshops and an exhibition (expected in May 2014.)

Master Classes / courses
The following programmes were requested from the practice:
  • Master Class Border Traffic (Netherlands Belgium Germany.) These courses are given within the Netherlands as well as in its neighboring countries;
  • Master Class International Social Security: an in-depth course on the different systems of social security when working and living across the border;
  • Master Course International Payroll: a multi-day training for payroll administrators;
  • Repetition of the Master Class Brazil.
The special feature of these programmes is the fact that both the development and implementation take place in close cooperation with a number of IM professionals from the HR practice.

Loyalty program Expatise preferred suppliers
We are currently working on developing a programme where we can bring in the spotlight those who help us build the Academy and achieve our ambition even more so that our collective success will reflect on these people and their organizations.

Expatise goes international
Our most progressive plans involve taking our trainings abroad. To that effect, we have been discussing with some potential partners who have expressed their full endorsement of our goal and want to support us in this.

Finally, the training facility
In recent years, we have been able to use the facilities of the Athlon Flex Centre with much satisfaction. Unfortunately, the Centre had to close their doors. We are now looking for an alternative of similar quality and location. Although we have good hope to succeed quickly, we had to ensure that the programme of late last year and beginning of this year be rescheduled to spring of 2014.

Thank you for your trust and support in 2013. We hope that we have met your expectations and that you will continue your support, so can reach our joint target of international recognition of the complexity of the IM field and the importance of the IM function in 2014 We will keep you informed of developments .

Inge Nitsche / Ernst Steltenpohl
 Inge   Ernst