the Expatise Formula

Many years of experience and research into international employment, led to the foundation of Expatise (2010), a not-for-profit expertise centre dedicated to improve quality and efficiency of international labour mobility through


This initiative was driven by our observation that although international mobility becomes more complex and more critical for companies and their employees, there was no platform which enables stakeholders to share knowledge and experiences in a non-commercial setting and work together on solutions for the many bottlenecks.

For that we committed the main players (employers, providers and government) to collaborate with Expatise in creating this platform. The platform is run by a management team of experienced professionals securing the continuation of processes and follow up on initiatives taken and implementing all what is needed to facilitate and improve the International Mobility Infrastructure.


Every employer is welcome to join the network, irrespective of the size of the company, the number of international employees, the seat of the company, the type of mobility (inbound, outbound, third-country posting, local staff abroad, long-term, short term, commuting, etc.).

Service Providers

Based on recommendation by Expatise members and only after the expert has proven to meet the Expatise standards, he/ she is invited to join the Expatise Approved Supplier Network: a company of the finest providers, granted exclusive benefits (the Expatise hallmark, promotion by Expatise, attendance Expatise meetings, member of the Expatise Faculty, sponsorship, discounts and priority access for clients).


We have reached the point where governmental organisations delegate representatives to the Expatise Faculty to teach employers about compliance requirements and where cabinet members and politicians also call upon us, e.g. for regulation and policy development.

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