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Since its inception Expatise has accomplished in close cooperation with its stakeholders:

The Expatise Academy, providing career path-based education programmes at master's, post-graduate and vocational level for Mobility functions, provided by renowned experts from consultancy firms, support providers and government agencies. The Academy’s advisory board, a Dream Team of specialists from Dutch International companies, secures that all what is developed meets the daily needs of our colleagues in the field.


  • The post-graduate professional training course “International Mobility & Compliance”.
  • The master class ”Employing staff in Brazil”.
  • The 2014 Conference on Employing staff in and from Asia.
  • The master class series ”Employing staff in Asia” (launch in November 2014).
  • The post graduate programme International Compensation & Benefits (expected in 2015).
  • The post graduate programme International Mobility Advanced (expected in 2015).
  • The master class “International Social Security” (expected in 2015).
  • The master class “Mobility & International Payroll” (expected in 2015).

The Expatise Country Portals, offering

  • An online Manual on employing local and foreign staff in terms of labour law, immigration, payroll taxes, social security, relocation in a particular host country (So far: the Netherlands & Brazil; upcoming: China/ Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, India);
  • An online first-aid Compliance Helpdesk: experts of consultancy firms and government agencies answer questions of employers;
  • In-house HR communities: virtual meeting places for peers to meet and exchange experiences/ best practices on specific subjects;
  • Expert communities: virtual surroundings where expert professionals provide important information on actual issues;
  • The Expatise Approved Suppliers Network: A selection of specialised providers recommended by international employers and accredited by the Expatise Foundation based on requirements of knowledge, skills, continuity and service.

Policy support through crowd-sourced information gathering and research into the following subjects:

  • The consequences of the adjusted 30% facility;
  • Stealth expats in terms of legal compliance and cost savings;
  • Benchmarking GM policies;
  • Alignment International Mobility Management & International Talent Management;
  • Dual Career/ Spouse support;
  • Outsourcing strategy: "pros and cons”
  • Outsourcing operation: "how to get to grips with it”.

Strategic support through conferences on behalf of Expatise’s Board of Advisors on subjects of their choice, translating the recommendations resulting from these meetings into a plan of action, and supervising the execution of this plan.