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education/ certification

educational programmes at the level of master's degrees and vocational university for iHR-professional certificates, followed by a route of permanent education to guarantee preservation of the knowledge and skills gained.


a primary online helpdesk for members to ask questions and get answers from the Expatise team, professionals from the consultancy world and/or representatives of benefits agencies.

communities and network-meetings

members have access to our virtual meeting-places for HR-professionals and to informal "employers-only" meetings for them to exchange experiences.

seminars, conferences and congresses

depending on its members’ needs, Expatise organizes meetings in cooperation with benefits agencies and/or professionals from the consultancy world, such as the annual Compliance Seminar. 


in cooperation with employers, the Expatise Centre has developed tools to provide an important contribution to efficiency-improvement, such as the Expat Management System EMS and the Expatise HR Portal, a web-based information-, communication- and education-platform. 

dedicated suppliers

a network of service-providers whose quality, integrity and continuity have been assessed and who must comply with our price/quality demands in order to be allowed to carry the expatise-quality mark (click here for an overview). 

best products with reductions

framework contracts with dedicated suppliers in order to realize custom-made work, scale-advantages and efficient process management. 

special projects

at the suggestion of employers and in cooperation with employers, Expatise develops special projects such as the Spouse Support programme, the Waiting-room for in-between-jobs knowledge-workers, the iHR-professional pool, the Personal Coach at your fingertips.


with the aid of the International Expert Panel IEP, Expatise gathers strategically important information e.g.in the field of satisfaction, image and trends, for the benefit of HR-management, the board of benefits agencies and the dedicated suppliers in the framework of product development.

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