about expatise

As an advisor to international organizations and later on as chairperson to the Dutch Expat Foundation, for many years I witnessed the employers’ quest for possibilities to make their personnel’s international postings run more efficiently.

I was a witness to every new trend: from strongly-staffed international departments via full-scale outsourcing of the iHR-function, back to shrunken HR-departments; from extensive expat-reward packages via sobered-up local policies to the self-employed expat; from long-term assignments towards short-term postings and commuting etc.

But whatever employers try out, time after time daily reality catches up with them: a very complex field of action, not only because of the international context, and because the ‘expat’s social-cultural profile tends to change, and rules and regulations are constantly modified, but also because of the fact that the economic climate has such direct impact.

Such as now: new challenges are rapidly coming towards us: shortage in the national labor market forces employers to make an even larger appeal to the international labor market. This results in yet more work-pressure for international HR-professionals, drawing heavily on the relation employer-employee.

In short, high time for the course to change towards real solutions: bundle forces in a professional expertise centre BY employers FOR employers.

The solutions can only be realized within a non-commercial, professional organization. It should act as an extension of the employers; it should supervise and check on the progress concerning the establishment, upkeep and further development of the various constructive elements needed for the solutions.

Therefore, in close cooperation with the employers, the expatiseCentre was established at the end of 2010, a non-profit expertise centre that will come up with the only workable solutions with the aid of the expertise of every expatriation-stakeholder (hence the name: expatise.

It is up to you to assess whether we live up to our pretentions.

Inge Nitsche
Director of the expatiseCentre

  Ingeborg E.R.  Nitsche